SpeedUp Transaction

SpeedUp is a temporary feature to expedite cross-chain transactions to the Aleo testnet. Due to the high gas fees on the testnet and high demand for bridging assets with IZAR, there are currently tens of thousands of pending orders. Our developers are working closely with the Aleo team to address these issues, but a solution is unlikely before the upcoming testnet reboot on September 27.

The SpeedUp feature allows you to prioritize your transaction by paying an additional 8 Aleo credits as a gas fee. Once the transaction is completed, you will see it reflected in your transaction history. This feature lets you skip the long queue of pending transactions. Please note that SpeedUp is a temporary measure until gas fees on the Aleo testnet are adjusted to manage demand.

When you click on the SpeedUp button, a confirmation window will appear. Please read the notes carefully before proceeding:

  • Only request SpeedUp once per transaction. Repeated requests do not expedite processing.

  • It may take some time for the on-chain status to synchronize with the user interface after SpeedUp is requested. Please allow time for your sped-up transaction to reflect in your history before requesting SpeedUp again.

  • SpeedUp prioritizes your transaction by paying extra gas fees. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the SpeedUp gas fee.

Re-authorize the dApp on Leo Wallet

If you cannot click on the "Confirm" button, please take the following steps:

  1. Open your Leo Wallet plugin.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Tap on "Authorized DApps".

  4. Find https://testnet_bridge.izar.xyz, and delete it.

Complete the Transaction Expedition

Once you have unauthorized the previous version of IZAR in your Leo Wallet settings, go back to the SpeedUp page. Click the "Confirm" button to continue. A wallet pop-up will appear. Make sure to check the box for "I understand the risk and wish to proceed". Finally, connect your Leo Wallet to complete the SpeedUp request.

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