Phase 1 (In Progress):

  • Implement arbitrary message multisignature cross-chain functionality to enable asset transfers between heterogeneous blockchains.

Phase 2 (Upcoming):

  • Introduce verifier threshold signatures to decentralize control and prevent single points of failure.

  • Develop end-to-end privacy solutions to enable anonymous cross-chain transactions using zero-knowledge proofs.

Phase 3 (Upcoming):

  • Transition verifier roles to a decentralized governance model with staking and voting. Remove centralized oversight of verifier nodes.

  • Enable on-chain governance to decentralize control of the protocol. Allow stakers and verifiers to vote on key parameters and determine the direction of the network.

Phase 4 (Future):

  • Continue expanding support to additional layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain networks.

  • Improve interoperability and composability with other DeFi protocols.

  • Increase liquidity provision and market making opportunities for users.

  • Explore additional privacy techniques like ring signatures to strengthen anonymity.

  • Build more robust infrastructure and tooling for developers.

The roadmap represents the high-level vision and direction of the IZAR protocol. Timelines may be subject to change as development progresses and milestones are achieved. Community feedback and participation will also help shape the future of this cross-chain privacy solution.

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